Finance for
Modular Construction,

Financing our modular homes or larger developments is not the hurdle you might expect – it simply requires a specialised form of funding. 

And because modular is faster than traditional build methods, you will save both time and money. Let us show you HOW:

Residential HomeLoans

We can help you purchase your dream (modular) house & land or apartment

Tailored finance solutions are available for:

- First home buyers
- Next home buyers
- Investors

Development Finance

We can assist with construction finance for your small or larger projects

Future proof your  development Investment

- Residential Funding takeout for Residual stock
- Funder exposure protection
- As if complete valuations to support Pre-Approval Funding Offers (TAP)

Modular construction is FAST!

Flow-on benefits to you:

  • Less repayments on your land loan waiting for your new home to be built
  • Less repayments on progress payments during the construction phase of your new home
  • Less time paying rent while waiting for your new home to be built
  • Faster loan approval with HOW - Nano Finance Pre-Approvals (TAP)